Behind The Crunch

Hey! I'm Marcus

My name is Marcus and I own Moore Crunch.  How did I get here?  Well, here's the thing. 

I have autism and didn't like that I couldn't take care of myself without the help of my parents.  They love me and I love them but I'm also trying to live on my own and fit in where I can.  I had been working as a night stock clerk because it was the only job I could get.  I had severe social anxiety and that along with autism just didn't seem like I was going to be able to get promotions or things like that.  

I decided to find another job and got hired at a different grocery store.  This time, I was working during the day and they actually taught me things so I could be better at my job and part of the team.  Even though that was great,  I knew I would never be hired as a supervisor or manager because of my autism.  I went to my parents and told them I wanted to start a business so I could take care of myself.  I tried painting, crafting and other things but it didn't feel right.

One day I was gobbling up some pretzels and wanted to make them taste better.  My parents were like, "what do you think about starting a pretzel business?"  I made some pretzels and they were just ok.  I switched up some things and came up with my own process and recipes.  My mom got me a booth at a local farmers market and Moore Crunch was born.

I am currently working at the grocery store and running Moore Crunch.  It's a lot but so much fun.  I have met very nice people that don't laugh at me or make me feel like I'm weird.  My plan is to grow Moore Crunch so I can hire others that are like me and we can make money to take care of ourselves better.

Thank you for your support of my business and I hope you like the pretzels..