Where do you make your pretzels?

That's a trick question.  I don't 'make' my pretzels but I do buy them commercially and then I add my own recipe of seasonings.  That is done in a commercial kitchen space located in Maryland.

Do you offer gluten-free pretzels?

Yes.  I make Maryland Crab and Buffalo in gluten-free

Why is shipping so expensive?

I wonder that all the time.  I only charge what they charge.  Maybe when my company gets bigger I can earn shipping discounts.  Whoo, it's a thing.

How can I help you with your business?

Just keep being nice and supportive.  Let me know what stores I can ask to carry my pretzels so you don't have to worry about shipping costs.

How do I buy wholesale?

To buy wholesale you can fill out the wholesale sign up form.  Momma or Poppa Crunch will reach out to you to get the ball rolling.  Thank you for wanting to carry my pretzels.

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